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Digimon AU: Addi Marks, Piyomon and Shiftmon by Fernikart57 Digimon AU: Addi Marks, Piyomon and Shiftmon :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 2 0 Grunkle Stan and DORUmon by Fernikart57 Grunkle Stan and DORUmon :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 4 0 Tyranomon (1) by Fernikart57 Tyranomon (1) :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 2 0 Digimon AU: Grunkle Stan and DORUmon by Fernikart57 Digimon AU: Grunkle Stan and DORUmon :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 7 0 Vikemon (1) by Fernikart57 Vikemon (1) :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 2 0 Russia And Eastern Countries (Mute Physical Map) by Fernikart57 Russia And Eastern Countries (Mute Physical Map) :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 0 0 Russia And Eastern Countries (Mute Political Map) by Fernikart57 Russia And Eastern Countries (Mute Political Map) :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 2 0 Russia And Eastern Countries (Physical Map) by Fernikart57 Russia And Eastern Countries (Physical Map) :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 0 0 Russia And Eastern Countries (Political Map) by Fernikart57 Russia And Eastern Countries (Political Map) :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 0 0 Oceania (Mute Physical Map) by Fernikart57 Oceania (Mute Physical Map) :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 0 0 Oceania (Mute Political Map) by Fernikart57 Oceania (Mute Political Map) :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 0 0 Oceania (Physical Map) by Fernikart57 Oceania (Physical Map) :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 0 0 Oceania (Political Map) by Fernikart57 Oceania (Political Map) :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 0 0 Scandinavia (Mute Physical Map) by Fernikart57 Scandinavia (Mute Physical Map) :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 1 0 Scandinavia (Mute Political Map) by Fernikart57 Scandinavia (Mute Political Map) :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 1 0 Scandinavia (Physical Map) by Fernikart57 Scandinavia (Physical Map) :iconfernikart57:Fernikart57 0 0


Batman TAS: Detective Harvey Bullock by TheRealFB1 by TheRealFB1 Batman TAS: Detective Harvey Bullock by TheRealFB1 :icontherealfb1:TheRealFB1 11 0 It's Good to be King: T-shirt by Littletde It's Good to be King: T-shirt :iconlittletde:Littletde 83 8 T-Shirt: Who Needs Boys? by Littletde T-Shirt: Who Needs Boys? :iconlittletde:Littletde 84 15 TShirt: The Ghost Three by Littletde TShirt: The Ghost Three :iconlittletde:Littletde 84 8 It's POKE'TIME!: T-shirt by Littletde It's POKE'TIME!: T-shirt :iconlittletde:Littletde 365 33 Jamming at The Beach with Big Bro by FFiamgoku Jamming at The Beach with Big Bro :iconffiamgoku:FFiamgoku 74 7 An Unexpected Fan by AfroOtaku917 An Unexpected Fan :iconafrootaku917:AfroOtaku917 119 12 Cul De Sac Cosplay by AfroOtaku917 Cul De Sac Cosplay :iconafrootaku917:AfroOtaku917 75 19 Gravity Falls - The Mystery Shack Crew by TXToonGuy1037 Gravity Falls - The Mystery Shack Crew :icontxtoonguy1037:TXToonGuy1037 105 63 Bonkers - Bonkers  Miranda by TXToonGuy1037 Bonkers - Bonkers Miranda :icontxtoonguy1037:TXToonGuy1037 12 0 Makino Ruki and Renamon by July-MonMon Makino Ruki and Renamon :iconjuly-monmon:July-MonMon 141 6 1001 Animations: Sora's Crest of Love by MrEnter 1001 Animations: Sora's Crest of Love :iconmrenter:MrEnter 16 5 Jarco Couple Costumes by Blood-Asp0123 Jarco Couple Costumes :iconblood-asp0123:Blood-Asp0123 61 8 Sakuyamon by ShadowOverlordXDZ Sakuyamon :iconshadowoverlordxdz:ShadowOverlordXDZ 576 53 Go Go Gadget Jealous Frustration! by fitzsanchez Go Go Gadget Jealous Frustration! :iconfitzsanchez:fitzsanchez 11 0 BakeKujira...mon? by SirHanselot BakeKujira...mon? :iconsirhanselot:SirHanselot 105 20



Digimon AU: Addi Marks, Piyomon and Shiftmon
This is the surprise I had planned for a tumblr user named hntrgurl13​. I really hope you enjoy this.
Adeline "Addi" Marks is the OC of 

Addi is a Chosen Children (DigiDestinied in the Dub) or a Tamer?

After thinking well about it, Addi should be a Tamer, I don’t think Addi enjoy being the errand girl of some superior entity.

In case you’re not familiarized and you don’t know the difference between Tamer or Chosen Children, this is the difference:

A Chosen Children is a kid, teen or adult chosen by a superior entity, like Homeostasis chosed Taichi and his friends in order to do tasks they can’t, bassically the “Chosen One” trope, that’s why the Chosen Children have to say farewell to their Digimons after they return peace to the Digital World, also, that superior force is always watching for them and guiding them.

A Tamer by the other hand, is a kid, teen or adult who has a Digimon Partner, but because, he meet him, wanted to become’s the Digimon partner or simply knew about Digimons, but wanted to become the partner of a Digimon. Unlike a Chosen Children, a Tamer has free will to chose if he wants to use that power for evil or for good and that’s why they’re better than a Chosen Children, because everything they do is their own choice, nobody is forcing them.

Why Addi has two Digimon?

You remember Wallace from the movie “Hurricane Touchdown! & Supreme Evolution! The Golden Digimentals!”? (which is also the 3rd part of Digimon: The Movie) he has two Digimon Partners instead of one. In many videogames, like Digimon Cyber Sleuth, the players can posses more of one Digimon as partners.

How and When Adeline got her Digimon?

I want to imagine she meet Piyomon, when she was a girl. She meet Shifty when the egg emerged in Earth, while she was living with Stanford and Fiddleford, since Shifty saw Addi first, he become Addi’s partner too.

Which is Piyomon’s evolutive chain?

Nyokimon - Pyocomon - Piyomon - Birdramon - Garudamon - Hououmon

Piyomon is the stage she spends the most.

That blue thing that Addi is holding is a Blue Wormmon and these things are his evolutive chain or or what they’re?

It’s the Shape-Shifter as a Digimon, I based it’s design mostly from Wormmon and Scolipede, sorry if it looks like a Wormmon rip-off. It’s name is: Shiftmon. Shiftmon has red eyes, but he has them closed in the drawing.

Mutantmon, it’s Shifty’s adult level, it’s based mostly on Arkadimon in it’s child stage. If you see his hands, you’ll see they’re blades like Arkadimon’s hands. It’s not clearly seen, but he has bug, like wings, with green symbols shaped like the Time Baby’s symbol. Also is a fan-made Digimon. This stage IS NEVER seen by Adeline and Stanford.

Changemon, it’s Shifty’s perfect level, the horns and the Time Wish-like device is based mostly in Apollomon’s horns and also some of it’s features are based after digimons like Arkadimon and Gorimon, like the cannon in his right hand or the veins about to explode. Also is a fan-made Digimon.

Shifty’s Ultimate level is Metamormon, a very underrated Digimon that appears in a manga, it’s the Ditto of Digimon and like him, he lacks evolutive chain.

Which is Piyomon and Shiftmon’s gender?

Piyomon is female and Shiftmon is male, altough, I need to mention that Digimons doesn’t have any gender.

Why Piyomon has brown eyes?

Because she’s a different Piyomon.

I haven’t seen Digimon in a while, Piyomon is a real Digimon or is an invented one?

Piyomon and her evolutive line exists. In season one: Digimon Adventure, Sora’s partner is a Piyomon, she evolves to Birdramon and Garudamon. In Digimon Adventure TRI is confirmed that the ultimate level of her partner is Hououmon.

In season five: Digimon Savers, Chika, the sister of Masaru (Marcus in the dub), befriended a male Piyomon, but he was kidnapped by Merukimon and attempted to wipe his mind to forget Chika, but after resisting several times, his mind got broken and gone berserk evolving into an Aquilamon and then Garudamon, but was defeated by Masaru’s RizeGreymon. In the final part of the series, they reunite and become officially partners.

Which is the personallity of Piyomon and Shiftmon?

I want to imagine that Piyomon is very proud of herself and doesn’t wanted that somebody helped or had pity on her this is because for years, she had to endure the mocks of many Digimons who claim that she was weak, since she doesn’t want somebody see her as a “weak” digimon, she doesn’t want that somebody see her in her lowest moment, she tough she didn’t needed a Tamer for being strong. In a beginning she was a little bit insufferable, but later she opens herself and grows closer to Addi, becoming very protective of her.

Shiftmon, nickname “Shifty”, personallity is this, as a kid he was innocent and adorable, but after the dissapearance of his “parents” he become bitter and resentful, wanting to destroy everything. After his rebirt he returned to his original personallity.

Which is Piyomon’s background?

Piyomon is a digimon that emerged in Earth because she wanted to prove herself how strong she could be, because in the Digital World they always made fun of her, because they consider her weak, sinc, in a beginning she was reluctant of having a Tamer, but later she opens herself.

Shiftmon, or “Shifty” emerged as an egg in Earth, he become into Addi’s partner making him, her second partner, Shifty was happy with his “parents”, but after they dissapear he becomes bitter and this anger makes him to evolve into Mutantmon, his adult level, when Dipper and their friends find Shifty, he was in his adult level, but after he’s attacked by an axe, he evolves to his perfect level: Changemon and is frozen when defeated. Addi finds him in this level when she comes back, since Addi was the only one that had a Digimon (at this point Ford’s partner was still dead, but he recovers his partner in this battle) she was reluctant to injure her child and partner, she didn’t wanted that Piyomon evolve, because she didn’t wanted to hurt him. When she (with the aid of Ford’s Ryudamon) defeat him, the first time, he evolves into Metamormon, Addi defeats him with the aid of Hououmon (did you knew that Hououmon’s light has the ability of purify the heart, mind and soul of the most evil beings? It says that in her official profile.) and he becomes an egg, he rebirths, but no longer remembers Addi.

How DORUmon evolves into his different levels?

Almost in the similar way Taiki Kudo or Tagiru Akashi make Shoutmon and Gumdramon evolve into OmegaShoutmon/Arresterdramon in Digimon Xros Wars, by screaming: “Evolution” (Birdramon), “Super Evolution” (Garudamon) and “Matrix Evolution!” (Hououmon)

Wait… you said Matrix Evolution? Like the one of Digimon Tamers?

Yes! In the Digimon-Gravity Falls AU, basically the ultimate evolution is the “Matrix Evolution”, Addi fuses with Piyomon and they evolve into Hououmon. She cannot do it with Shifty by the way. Since each person has their symbol enbedded in their sphere, Addi’s sphere is orange but has an hour glass-like symbol shaped in her sphere, similar to a Time Wish.

I really hope you enjoy this. I tried to do my best. Later I’ll upload the individual artworks of Shifty and his evolutive line.

Grunkle Stan and DORUmon
This is the full drawing from this previous devianation:….

I really enjoy this drawing.

DORUmon, DORUgamon, DORUguremon and Alphamon are property of (c)Bandai and Toei Animation and Akiyoshi Hongou.
Gravity Falls belongs to Alex Hirsch and (C) Disney
Stanley Pines also belong to Alex Hirsch and (C) Disney
Tyranomon (1)
Finally I drew a Digimon that doesn't belong to any Tamer or Choosen Children.
Finalmente dibujé a un Digimon que no pertence a ningún Tamer o Niño Elegido.

Did you knew this Digimon is the Rhydon of Digimon?
¿Sabían que este Digimon es el Rhydon de Digimon?

Name in Japan: Tyranomon ("Tyrano" is corruption of "Tyranno", which comes from "Tyrannosaurus Rex") 
Name in U.S.A: Tyrannomon ("Tyranno" comes from "Tyrannosaurus Rex")
Year of Introduction: 1997
Level: Adult
Type: Dinosaur
Attribute: Data
Evolves from: Agumon, BlackAgumon, SnowAgumon
Evolvers to: MetalTyranomon, MasterTyranomon, DarkTyranomon
Appears in: Digimon Adventure (Etemon's Minion)
Digimon 02 (Digimon Emperor's Slave)

Nombre en Japón: Tyranomon ("Tyrano" es corrupción de "Tyranno", que viene de "Tiranosaurio Rex")
Nombre en E.U.A: Tyrannomon ("Tyranno" viene de "Tiranosaurio Rex")
Año de Introducción: 1997
Nivel: Adulto
Tipo: Dinosaurio
Atributo: Información
Evoluciona de: Agumon, BlackAgumon, SnowAgumon
Evoluciona a: MetalTyranomon, MasterTyranomon, DarkTyranomon
Aparece en: Digimon Adventure (Esbirro de Etemon)
Digimon 02 (Esclavo del Emperador De Los Digimon)

Tyranomon is property of (c)Bandai and Toei Animation and Akiyoshi Hongou.
Digimon AU: Grunkle Stan and DORUmon
I can't belive I finally did my first piece for the Digimon AU! I planned that AU 3 years ago and today I finally gathered courage to do it.

For my Digimon AU. It's likely I'll do often in Digimon Cards.

Grunkle Stan's partner is DORUmon in my AU. Stan has a Red Digivice, Black/Red/Gold after he recovers it.


Stan is a Chosen Children (DigiDestinied in the Dub) or a Tamer?
Stan is a Tamer, so he has total freedom to do wathever he wants. That's the major difference of being a Tamer and a Chosen Children. Also Stan is not the kind of person that will take orders of an unknown entity.

How and When Stan got his Digimon?
When Stan and Ford were children. Stan meet DORUmon when he emerged to New Jersey after stealling some goods like DigiNoir (that hexagonal food from Digimon Xros Wars). I'm still working on it.

Which is DORUmon's evolutive chain?
Dodomon - Dorimon - DORUmon - DORUgamon - DORU-guremon - Alphamon - Alphamon: Ouryuken (With Ford's Ouryumon)

Which is DORUmon's gender?

Why DORUmon has green eyes? Why DORUguremon has Stan's symbols in his wings? Why Alphamon has those symbols and has a knight feather? These Digimons doesn't have that features!
Because he's a different DORUmon. Also, something I dislike of the Digimon and Pokémon fandom is that THEY never give a difference to the Pokémon and Digimon they give. In the Anime they have different features, like we, humans have different features. For example: Tracey's Scyther in the anime has wrinkles and looks noticeably older than other Scythers. Taichi and Yamato's Omegamon looks different than the Omegamon of Digimon X-Evolution, Takeru's Patamon/Seraphimon look noticeably different from the Patamon/Seraphimon of Digimon Frontier. The Koromon that birth from the Digitama Hikari and Taichi took care in the movie is different from Taichi's Agumon.

I haven't seen Digimon in a while, DORUmon is a real Digimon or is an invented one?
Yes, it's totally real. I can tell you that for example DORUmon is the main protagonist of Digimon X-Evolution, if you don't know nothing of the franchise. It's evolutions also exists, in the movie they mentioned they appear.

Which is DORUmon's personallity?
DORUmon has a possitive personallity, he's optimistic and sure of himself. He always try to encourage and show Stan's affection. He by the way loves violence and is a fast learner, he also loves mocking in the similar fashion Stan does, for example he likes to call Stan "Shortstuff" or "Lil' Stan", because when Stan got him, DORUmon was sighly taller than Stan (he's sightly taller than Dipper and Mabel) DORUmon has also it's flaws: he can be naïve and selfish and like Stan doesn't have a filter between toughts and words, but unlike Stan he mostly says it from naïvety, DORUmon thinks he can make happy anyone (like Joy from Inside Out) and normally doesn't know that when a person it's sad it's necessary to give them their space.

Which is DORUmon's background?
He's a thief, albeit an incompetent one.

How DORUmon evolves into his different levels?
Almost in the similar way Taiki Kudo makes Shoutmon evolve into OmegaShoutmon in Digimon Xros Wars, by screaming: "Evolution" (DORUgamon), "Super Evolution" (DORUguremon) and "Matrix Evolution!" (Alphamon)

Wait... you said Matrix Evolution? Like the one of Digimon Tamers?
Yes! Stan can do a Matrix Evolution, he fuses with DORUmon and he evolves into Alphamon. Stan's sphere while fused with Alphamon is red and has his Cypher Wheel's symbol around them, (like Mabel's bubble without the chains in Weirdmageddon), when Alphamon and Ouryumon fuse to create Alphamon: Ouryuken, the sphere becomes purple (Ford's bubble is blue) with the symbols of both.
I hope to upload more of this AU! I hope you like it!

DORUmon, DORUgamon, DORUguremon and Alphamon are property of (c)Bandai and Toei Animation and Akiyoshi Hongou.
Gravity Falls belongs to Alex Hirsch and (C) Disney
Stanley Pines also belong to Alex Hirsch and (C) Disney
Vikemon (1)
First drawing of 2018! I wish all of you had a Happy New Year!
This is the third Mega I have ever drawn! I really love the design of this Digimon!

¡Este es el primer dibujo de 2018! ¡Deseo que todos ustedes hayan tenido un Feliz Año Nuevo!
¡Este es el tercer Mega que he dibujado! ¡Realmente amo el diseño de este Digimon!

Name in Japan: Vikemon ("Vike" is a misspell of Vik, that means "Viking") 
Name in U.S.A: Vikemon ("Vike" is a misspell of Vik, that means "Viking")
Year of Introduction: 2000
Level: Mega
Type: Beast Man
Attribute: Vaccine
Evolves from: Zudomon
Evolvers to: None
Appears in: Digimon Adventure TRI (Joe Kido's Partner)

Nombre en Japón: Vikemon ("Vike" es una error ortográfico de "Vik", viene de "Vikingo")
Nombre en E.U.A: Vikemon ("Vike" es una error ortográfico de "Vik", viene de "Vikingo")
Año de Introducción: 2000
Nivel: Mega
Tipo: Vestia Humanoide
Atributo: Vacuna
Evoluciona de: Zudomon
Evoluciona a: Ninguno
Aparece en: Digimon Adventure TRI (Camarada de Joe Kido)

Vikemon is property of (c)Bandai and Toei Animation and Akiyoshi Hongou.
I had this headcannon with many series about what could be their digimons partners. Digimon is very underrated by many people and I wonder, which could be the digimons you add as partners? The main level is bold. Some of the characters doesn't have 

Gravity Falls:
  • Dipper Pines: Petitmon - Babydmon - Dracomon - Coredramon - Wingdramon - Slayerdramon
  • Mabel Pines: Pinkmon - Pigletmon - Waddlemon - SuperWaddlemon - ChoHakkaimon - HolyWaddlemon. (OC Digimon)
  • Stanley Pines: Dodomon - Dorimon - Dorumon - Dorugamon -DoruGreymon - Alphamon.
  • Stanford Pines: Fufumon - Kyokyomon - Ryudamon - Ginryumon - Hisyaryumon - Ouryumon
Digivice Color:
  • Dipper Pines: Sky Blue
  • Mabel Pines: Pink
  • Stanley Pines: Red/Gold, Black, Red
  • Stanford Pines: Marine Blue/Chrome, Black, Blue

Milo Murphy's Law:
  • Milo Murphy: PipimonDestrumon - Jinxmon - Jinxdramon - MetalJinxdramon - GranJinxdramon (OC Digimon)
  • Zack Underwood: ???
  • Melissa Chase: ???
  • Vinnie Dakota: Botamon - Koromon - Agumon - Tyranomon - MetalTyranomon - RustTyranomon
  • Balthazar Cavendish: Leafmon - Minomon - Wormmon - Stingmon - Jewelbeemon - BanchoStingmon
Digivice Color:
  • Milo Murphy: Purple
  • Zack Underwood: Yellow
  • Melissa Chase: Orange
  • Vinnie Dakota: Red
  • Balthazar Cavendish: Green
Phineas And Ferb:
  • Phineas Flynn: ???
  • Ferb Fletcher: ???
  • Candace Flynn: ???
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz: ???
  • Isabella García-Shapiro: Yuramon - Budmon - Lalamon - Sunflowmon - Lilamon - Lotusmon
  • Baljeet Tjinder: ???
  • Buford Van Stomm: Kiimon - Yaamon - Impmon - Wizardmon - Baalmon - Beelzebumon
Digivice Color:
  • Phineas Flynn: Red
  • Ferb Fletcher: Purple, green
  • Candace Flynn: Orange
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Purple, black
  • Isabella García-Shapiro: Pink
  • Baljeet Tjinder: Blue
  • Buford Van-Stomm: Black
Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil:
  • Star Butterfly: ? - ? - Rebelmon - ? - ? - Minervamon (OC Digimon)
  • Marco Díaz: Chroromon - Caprimon - Kotemon - Gladimon - Knightmon - LordKnightmon
  • Tom Lucitor: ???
  • Janna Ordonia: ???
  • Jackie-Lynn Thomas: ???
Digivice Color:
  • Star Butterfly: Purple
  • Marco Díaz: Red
  • Tom Lucitor: Red
  • Janna Ordonia: Green
  • Jackie-Lynn Thomas: Teal
ChoHakkaimon and Minervamon ACTUALLY exist in the franchise, but they lack proper evolutive Lines. It's likely, I'll add more series later.


José Fernando Ortega Tiscareño
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I live in México, i like drawing things principaly videogame, movie or TV (like cartoons or anime) characters and animals. I like painting, playing videogames, I live in Salamanca, Guanajuato, México.

Y vivo en México, me gusta dibujar, principalmente animales o personajes de videojuegos, películas o series de TV (como caricaturas o anime). Me gusta pintar y jugar videojuegos. Yo vivo en Salamanca, Guanajuato, México.


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ghffff Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2018
thanks for the watch
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Thanks for the watch :)
Star-hawks Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2017
could you draw a fusion of this… and this
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rizegreymon22 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2017
Puedo hacerte una pregunta? No crees que ultimamente el tema de los zombis se vuelve sobrexplotado?
Fernikart57 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lo sé, lo mismo pasa con los demonios, hombres lobo y vampiros son increíblemente sobrexplotados ¿que no existen otros seres que puedan usar? Digo, hay seres mágicos infravalorados como: las momias, los ángeles o incluso los pegasos ¿Porque no los incluyen? ¡La serie podría ser genial con más variedad!

¿Puedes creer que mi hermana cree que un zombi y una momia son iguales? No SON IGUALES, no tienen nada en común más que ser muertos viventes. Un zombie no tiene voluntad y son débiles. Una momia posee superfuerza a pesar de su apariencia enclenque, pueden mover sus vendas a voluntad, pueden cambar de forma, poseen super-elasticidad y pueden usar magia y maldecir. Digimon, Ben 10 y La Momia son los únicos animes, caricaturas y largometrajes que han representado a las momias como series increíbles.

Me gustaría que los ángeles aparecieran más a menudo en las caricaturas, solo aparecen como la clásica conciencia, cuando pueden hacer más que eso ¡Vamos al ser la contraparte positiva de los demonios, su posición los transforma automáticamente en bombas de poder con alas que pueden pulverizar un sistema solar entero si se lo proponen! De hecho pueden hacer infinidad de veces más que los demonios con su poder puro y sagrado, pero no lo usan porque tienen reglas. Digimon es un buen exponente de como hacer ángeles geniales.

Incluyan más seres mágicos ¿que les cuesta?
rizegreymon22 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017
Tu quieres mas caricaturas que incluyen mas seres magicos como angeles, cierto?

A mi me gustaria que existiesen mas caricaturas sobre famosas criaturas criptozoologicas, osea, monstruos de famosos mitos y leyendas. Ayer vi un mini episodio de un cartoon llamado "Paranormal Roommates" hecho por Benton Connor en el 2013. Acerca de Harvey Underwood, un humano a cargo de un programa de proteccion de testigos paranormales, y para ello tendra que compartir piso con los irresponsables Pie grande y el monstruo del lago Ness.

Insisto que deberian hacer mas shows que incluyan mas seres, por que Pie Grande y Nessie son los mas mencionados, deberian hablar de otros monstruos criptozoologicos como el Chupacabras, el yeti, el diablo de Jersey, el monstruo de Flatwoods, Mothman, el Kraken, etc.
Fernikart57 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
En Las Leyendas los Cryptidos que aparecen son:

Quetzálcoatl, Los Horrorosos, Baba Yaga, Fenrir, Trolls, Vodnir, Kaiju, Tsukumogami y Nitch Mart, criptídos que no aparecen con tanta frecuencia en la televisión.

¿Que les cuesta agregar variedad? Siempre son los mismos, al menos en series nuevas como Gravity Falls y Star Contra Las Fuerzas tratan de dar más variedad.
(1 Reply)
rizegreymon22 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2017
Ya, pero cuando digo sobrexplotado, me refiero que le dan tanto uso hasta que finalmente ovlidan que eran originalmente, por ejemplo, ultimamente cuando hablan de vampiros o hombres lobo tristemente lo relacionan con crepusculo.

Lo que quiero decir hacerca de los zombis, es que ademas de usarlos basante, olvidaron por completo que son originalmente, los siempre han sido reconocidos por ser cadaveres de gente fallecida reanimados sin voluntad que comen cerebros. Pero ahora, dicen que los zombis son parte del apocalipsis zombi, osea cuando un virus infecta a unas personas haciendolos perder la voluntad y darles un apetito de carne humana, que facilmente infecta a los demás y los ruidos fuertes atraen hordas, y en muchos casos dicen que la infeccion se expande en uno hasta convertirlo en un mutante. Es raro en este caso que haya uno con algun hueso expuesto.

Hablan que no pueden esperar a que la victima muera y se pudra un poco, incluso otros medios de la cultura pop parodian esta clase de infeccion, por ejemplo en un episodio de The Loud House  donde Licoln y parte de sus hermanas tenian que sobrevivir en la casa Loud con el resto de la familia con gripe que actuaba como esa infeccion zombi, tambien un episodio absurdo del Increible Mundo de Gumball donde Gumball y Darwin expandieron la felicidad en forma de infeccion zombi, Incluso My Little Pony hizo lo mismo, para vengarse de las bromas de Rainbow Dash, todo Poniville la engañaron haciendo creer que su ultima broma convirtio en todos en zombis come galletas, incluso el titulo original es una parodia de 28 days later

Es una suerte que hay series como Gravity falls que aun sabe que son realmente los zombis
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